The majority of the Fiscal Council requests an extraordinary plenary session to address the amnesty

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The members of the Prosecutors Associationwhich represent the majority of Fiscal Council, have requested the attorney general Alvaro Garcia Ortiz to set an extraordinary plenary session to address the proposed amnesty law.

The seven AF councilors ask that a meeting be set where the only item on the agenda is “debate and approval of the institutional declaration on the Proposal for an Organic Law on amnesty for institutional, political and social normalization in Catalonia.”

Prosecutors recall that the Constitution entrusts “to the Public Prosecutor’s Office the mission of ensuring the independence of the Courts and seeking before them the satisfaction of the social interest, as well as promoting the action of justice in defense of legality, the rights of citizens and the public interest protected by law.”

The members of the AF understand that the content of the amnesty law proposal and its effects will affect “the proper function of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.”

Likewise, they criticize that “the processing formula chosen by the promoters of this organic law proposal implies that it will not be subject to the mandatory report of the Fiscal Council despite the fact that it flagrantly breaks the separation of powers by subordinating the Judicial Branch, in that the Public Prosecutor’s Office is integrated with functional autonomy, at the convenience and arithmetic needs of a future executive.”

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