The maternal connection between Barbie and Matilda that you may not have known

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Barbie it is one of the biggest cinematographic phenomena of 2023 and includes numerous nods and tributes. In fact, the director Greta Gerwig revealed which feature films inspired him to shape his work. Among them is not Matildaalthough it has a curious connection to the film.

Rhea Perlman was in charge of giving life to Zinnia Wormwoodthe mother of Matilda (Mara Wilson)in the title released in 1996. The interpreter appears in Barbie 27 years later to embody a very different mother. She is in charge of getting into the skin of Ruth Handlerbusinesswoman who was president of Mattel and the key figure in the creation of the most famous doll in the world.

The presence of the actress in the film has made many people remember one of her most mythical roles. “Of Matilda a Barbie! Rhea Perlman she went from playing a woman who made a girl unhappy to one who gave happiness to millions of girls“, can be read in a tweet. “The mother of Barbie she was also the mother of Matilda. Rhea Perlman always breeding goodness,” says another.

Rhea Perlman She is well known for her work in Cheerswhere he gave life to the iconic Carla Tortelli. She was nominated for Emmy for best supporting actress 10 times for her role in the comedy. She has won the award four times. Other of the series in which she participated regularly were Taxi, Pearl, Kirstie y The Mindy Project.

The American began acting on stage in the 1970s and also has an extensive filmography, including films like Operation Canada, Carpool y 13. In addition, she has lent her voice to many animated characters, as can be seen in titles like Sing! y Star Wars: La remesa mala.

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