The mysterious attempted attacks against the leaders of the German extreme right

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The German far-right has gained positions in the regional elections in Bavaria and Hesse. It is already the second political force in both federated states, although the stories surrounding its leaders – and not only that – smell like singeing. Let’s see.

Days before the appointment with the polls last Sunday, spokespersons for Alternative for Germany (AfD) announced that their co-chair Alice Weidel would not be able to attend the closing rally in Hesse for security reasons. Weidel, who is temporarily residing with her family in Switzerland, had to be transferred to a safe house, where she would have to remain hidden until further notice. From that safe place, Ella Weidel sent a video message to the rally participants: “I would like nothing more than to be with you today, but unfortunately I cannot.”

Once the alarm was unleashed, the Federal Criminal Police Office, responsible for the personal protection of politicians, declared that the cancellation of Weidel’s participation in the event in question “was neither instigated nor recommended.” Furthermore, the agency could not “provide any information about tactical measures or moments of danger”, meaning it did not know what the AfD was talking about. The German press went to work to discover Weidel’s whereabouts, and the weekly Spiegel found her. But not in a safe house, but in the sun, on the terrace of a restaurant in Mallorca. They caught her in fraganti with his wife and the couple’s two children. And what the AfD spokespersons said from then on was a tongue twister.

Weidel went to Mallorca to “get away from that dangerous situation.” And there he stayed to spend the German Unity Day of October 3. Explanation: After the event, which apparently occurred on September 23, Weidel, his partner and the children “followed the recommendation to spend some time away from their family environment, since they were an alleged target of the attack,” he declared. Swiss police confirmed that several officers went to Weidel’s home in Schwyz, in the center of the country, but did not offer further details.

Let everyone think what they want, but “the fact is that 14 days ago, my apartment was evacuated along with my family by an anti-terrorist unit and they took me to a safe environment,” Weidel declared. The incident was “traumatizing” for the entire family, she explained.

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