The National Court opens an investigation for terrorism for the disappearance of two Spaniards in Israel

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The National Court has opened an investigation into the disappearance of two Spanish citizens and the Israeli wife of one of them after the Hamas attacks last weekend in Israel. The magistrate Maria Tardon considers that the events could constitute terrorist crimes.

The magistrate makes the decision after the Citco (Intelligence Center against Terrorism and Organized Crime) brought to the Court the complaints presented by the families of the victims missing in the conflict zone: a man and a young woman who were performing military service in the Israeli forces as they were holders of Spanish and Israeli nationality.

Since the report was prepared, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that the girl is among the deceased. Is about Maya Villalobowho did his military service at the base of Nahal Ozvery close to the border with Gaza and one of the objectives of Hamas.

As for the marriage, it is Iván Illarramendi Saizar, a native of Zarautz (Guipúzcoa). He lived with his Israeli wife in a kibbutz very close to Gaza. The family’s complaint extends to her wife, whose disappearance the Court has also decided to investigate as she was kidnapped along with the Spaniard.

El Central Court of Instruction number 3, who has taken charge of the investigation, asked the opinion of the Prosecutor’s Office on opening a case. The Public Ministry considered that the Court had jurisdiction over what happened, since it involved terrorism crimes and there were victims of Spanish nationality. The Prosecutor’s Office had opened its own investigation after what happened, which must now be archived when a judge intervenes in the matter. You must also file a complaint so that the facts can be prosecuted in Spain.

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