The ‘number one’ and a four-stroke blow to change history

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Four blows to change the course of history, only four blows to restore faith that the number one in the world, Scottie Scheffler, you can win the US Open. There are still 19 players below par on the course with the final 18 holes to go and Scheffler is one of them.

At around four in the morning in Spain, this did not seem major predestined to their showcases. Scheffler, at the time, was driving a -4, a world behind the leaders. After a good start on the 17th hole, a monstrous par 4 of more than 500 yards, the most difficult at the Los Angeles Country Club, he seized his 6 iron and from 178 meters he managed the miracle of holeout. A eagle that made the Angelino field tremble.

The other final beast, hole 18, fell into the hands of number one, who with a putt about seven meters changed its destiny with a birdie. A blow of four shots in the last two holes that leave the Texan with -7, just three behind the leading duo.

Wyndham Clark (-1) y Rickie Fowler (even), with an accumulated result of -10, lead the table pending what happens on Sunday. Clark has never faced this situation, while Fowler has led with 18 holes to go twice in the past and both times, back in 2014, he finished second.

The third day in Los Angeles went by with more difficulties than the first two, but far from becoming the tough test that everyone expected. Nor was it on Saturday when the USGA turned the screw on the field, because perhaps the greenes they were a little tougher, far from those Machiavellian conditions of 20 years ago that made the most patient despair.

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