The policeman who killed a young man in Nanterre is "deeply devastated" and apologize

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This is also the story of Nahel, the young man who died Tuesday in Nanterre, a neighborhood on the outskirts of Paris, but told from the other side. We are at the same point in Nelson Mandela Square in Nanterre, where he received the shot that ended his life. It is the story of the policeman who shot him. Currently in pretrial detention, little information about him has emerged, but it is known that He was 38 years old, he is the father of a family, he had been in the service for several years and had received some awards for his work in the National Police.

He currently worked at the Territorial Directorate of Traffic in Hauts de Sena, the department to which Nanterre belongs. According to the TF1 chain, he had received some awards for his work during the crisis of the yellow vests, the protest movement that marked the first term of Emmanuel Macron.

In the video that recorded what happened and that circulated on the networks on Tuesday, you can see how the agent points a gun inside the car where Nahel is going at a checkpoint. The vehicle starts moving and that’s when he shoots. It is this same agent who performs first aid on him. to young man. He died “from a single shot that went through his left arm and chest from left to right,” according to the prosecutor’s account.

In his statements, the policeman has justified his action in “the desire to prevent a new escape from the vehicle and the danger of the driver’s behavior.” He has also said that “I was afraid that someone would be run over” or that he or his partner were run over or injured by the movement of the car.

The prosecutor has clarified, however, that “the conditions for the use of the regulatory weapon were not met.” Police unions have criticized the Government for not having respected the presumption of innocence of their partner. The prefect of the Paris Police, Laurent Nuñez, indicated at first that the agent “had the confidence of the hierarchy.”

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