The Polish president’s decision to choose PiS to form a government provokes a wave of criticism

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The decision of the Polish president, Andrzej Dudato entrust the formation of the Government to the ultraconservatives of the government party Law and Justice (PiS) due to its possibilities of forming the majority that the polls did not give it in the elections of last October 15, has unleashed a wave of criticism and not only in the opposition.

“Duda moves within the framework of the Constitution, but he is a terrible president, the worst Poland has had since 1989,” says writer Szczepan Twardoch, who described the president as an “exceptionally ridiculous figure.” even for Polish politics, which has no shortage of clowns“.

Three weeks after the elections, Duda, closely linked to PiS, tasked the outgoing prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, with forming a government because his party had obtained the most support at the polls. The president followed tradition, but knowing that PiS only has 194 of the 460 seats that the Sejm has and that it has no members.

In the ranks of PiS, Duda’s appointment has fallen like May rain. “The mission that the president has entrusted to me is a great honor, but also a challenge. I therefore invite all parliamentarians who put Poland first to work with me,” declared Morawiecki.

The case of the tripartite that will form is different. Civic Coalition with 157 seats, the Third Way with 65 and New Leftwith 26. Together they surpass the absolute majority and are already finalizing a cabinet chaired by Donald Tuskformer prime minister and former president of the European Council. Coalition talks are ongoing.

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