The ‘Pozuelo rapist’ expelled from Spain after serving 20 years for 19 rapes

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The National Police of the Leon Police Station yesterday, from the Mansilla de las Mulas prison (León) to the Madrid airport, the Brazilian citizen Juvenilson Dias Da Silva, known as “the rapist of Pozuelo”, to proceed with his expulsion from Spain after serving his sentence for almost twenty rapes.

As detailed this Friday by the Government Subdelegation in a statement, Dias Da Silva had been sentenced to more than 300 years in prison for the 19 sexual assaults for which he was tried, facts for which he declared himself the confessed perpetrator during the trial.

Once the maximum of 20 years contemplated in the Penal Code has been served, the prisoner was completely his sentencing on September 6, 2023therefore, prior to being released, the Immigration and Borders Brigade of the Provincial Police Station of León initiated an administrative file for expulsion with preferential processing as it was more than proven that his presence in Spain, due to his conduct, poses a serious threat and current for public safety.

Considered one of the worst serial rapists in recent years in Madrid (only the Pirámides rapist surpasses him in facts with 43 attacks), between the years 2000 and 2003. attacked 19 women of different ages and that they did not respond to a single profile, using a knife, razor or sharp object to force them to accompany him to unpopulated places, such as open fields near the M-30.

The harassment could last several hours and, before leaving, they were forced to undress completely. He was arrested in 2003 when he was preparing to rape a young woman.

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