The PP will govern the entire legislature in a minority and blames Sánchez for frustrating the coalition with the PSOE

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The president of Ceuta and the regional PP, Juan Vivashas definitively ruled out this Saturday the possibility of reaching a coalition pact or stable legislature with the PSOE or the localist formations with representation in the autonomous Assembly, since it has Vox vetoed, and has announced that it will govern in a minority until 2027 seeking “specific support” to carry out each proposal submitted for consideration by the Corporation, such as the budgets for each financial year.

“During the crisis of May 2021, we demonstrated institutional loyalty, responsibility and unity in the response to stop the coup, regain confidence and lay the foundations for a future of prosperity, stability and social cohesion… I now hoped that the PSOE would have had the same attitude, but it has not been like that because it has not wanted to at the national level and because its general secretary in Ceuta has complied with the instructions it has received, something that I would never have done”, he lamented.

In an appearance with the general coordinator of the PP, Elías Bendodo, who has transferred “all the support” of genoaVivas explained that “given the impossibility of reaching an agreement because the PSOE has not wanted to, we are going to assume our responsibility with a lone government of the PP, only with members of the PP, and we will try to build agreements from humility for the issues that are brought to plenary and to guarantee the operation of companies and autonomous bodies”.

The president of the Autonomous City is “sure” that he will achieve it, as he already did during the last legislature, basically relying on the PSOE, and has called for “responsibility” from the other parties represented in the Assembly so that they have “height vision and maturity” when putting the “general interest of Ceuta and Spain” above “acronyms, ideologies or attempts to blockade”.

Vivas and Bendodo have recognized that the agreement to govern in coalition with the PSOE of Ceuta was “practically done” and has confirmed that their interlocutors aspired to get three ministries. In addition, he has regretted that the secretary general has “accepted” Ferraz’s veto to consummate the negotiations.

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