The PP will take its protests against the amnesty to Puerta del Sol and Plaza Sant Jaume on Sunday

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The PP has already chosen the squares in which it will concentrate on Sunday, at 12.00 hoursagainst the amnesty for the crimes of the process. Lo popular They have summoned citizens in all the provincial capitals of Spain. In Madrid, the chosen place is Sun Gateto which Alberto Núñez Feijóo will go, as has been learned THE WORLD. And in Barcelona they will join the protest organized by 40 civil society entities in the Saint James Squareheadquarters of the Generalitat.

Furthermore, in Seville the event will be held at the San Francisco Square, in the old town. In Valencia, the chosen place is Temple Square, next to the Turia Gardens. In Zaragoza, the call is between Alfonso I and Santiago streets. That is, right next to the Pilar Square. In Murcia, in the Cardinal Belluga Squarein front of the cathedral.

The choice of these enclaves has been marked by the possibility of them “overflowing”, as has happened so far in the rallies of this party against the amnesty, which have been held on weekends in Santiago, Madrid, Toledo, Malaga and Valencia.

In A Coruña, the protest will take place in the Gardens of Méndez Núñezand in Valladolid, in the Main Square. In Toledo, the land of the only socialist baron critical of the amnesty, Emiliano García-Pagelos popular will cry out against the “privileges” of the independence movement in the iconic Zocodover Square. In Vitoria, the Plaza de los Celedones de Oro.

The PP wants all these “concentrations” to be “massive”, but “peaceful.” Those of Alberto Núñez Feijóo thus distance themselves from the demonstrations that are taking place in front of the PSOE headquarters, supported by Vox, and which ended on Monday with altercations and tear gas.

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