The president of Poland entrusts the formation of the Government to PiS although it lacks a majority

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Three weeks after the victory at the polls of an alliance opposing the ultranationalist Government of the Polish Law and Justice party (PiS), the president of the republic, Andrzej Duda, has decided to delay the transfer of powers by inviting the party that facilitated the presidency.

In a televised message, Duda announced that “after consultation and thorough consultation and careful consideration” has invited the acting Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, to form a Governmentalthough so far there is no party willing to form a coalition with PiS.

Duda explained that he only follows the tradition of offering the first opportunity to form a Government, even if there is a possibility of failure. Morawiecki claimed that opportunity, while PiS is trying to convince opposition deputies to join its project and thus try to form a majority that will allow them to govern.

“We are surveying some opposition MPs who do not agree with the vision of forced European integration and with the program of the left when it comes to ideological issues. There are MPs who are reasonable (…) who have a approach similar to ours,” explained the Government spokesperson, Pior Müller, a few days ago.

Müller assured that “only when our candidate is designated by President Duda as in charge of forming a Government will they dare to rebel” against their parties and join the ranks of PiS because, he said, “We already know how the liberal elite would treat them if they did it now.”

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