The PSOE leader in El Hierro seizes the presidency from his brother

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The new presidency of the Cabildo de El Hierro, by Alpidio Armas, has been possible thanks to the motion of no confidence with the seven votes of PSOE, Asamblea Herreña and IU-Reunir Canarias, against Javier Armas, his brother, from the Agrupación Herreña Independiente (THERE).

Javier Armas (AHI) obtained the presidency of the institution leading the most voted list in the May 28 elections, but His four councilors and the two from the PP were not enough to consolidate the majority in the plenary session of the insular corporation.

In the elections, the PSOE got three advisers, Asamblea Herreña three and IUC-Reunir Canarias one, and the three parties presented a motion of censure on June 26, after the inauguration of Javier Armas (AHI). In a tense session, the proponents of the motion justified the same in the inability of the AHI to reach agreements that would consolidate a sufficient majority to provide stability to this institution.

As an alternative, “a greater representativeness than that established by AHI and PP” has been formed, according to Alpidio Armas, during his turn to speak. The outgoing president, Javier Armas, defended his 11-day term and He stated that this motion, presented the same day he took office, “discredits politics”, “destroys instead of building” and it demonstrates “the lack of generosity and altitude of vision” of the censorship groups, which he accused of having a closed agreement “from the same electoral night.”

During the session, the nationalists reproached the adviser of IUC-Reunir Canarias, Amado Carballo, for being the key to consolidating the motion of censure against their Government, contravening the mandate of the polls.

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