The Supreme Court of Peru orders the imprisonment of the former Prime Minister of Castillo for the coup d’état

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The Police Peruvian has executed today the arrest warrant against the radical Betssy Chávez, former prime minister of former president Peter Castillo. The prosecution previously got the Supreme Court declare his appeal well founded and order preventive detention against the leader of Democratic Peru, a split from Free Peru (PL), the Marxist-Leninist party that supported the teacher of cajamarca in the 2021 presidential election.

The Public Ministry accuses Chávez of the crimes of rebellion and conspiracy to the detriment of the state. The former Prime Minister accompanied and encouraged Castillo during the televised address six months ago, when he decreed the dissolution of his great enemy, Congress; he called on the people to take it by force and also ordered the arrest of the attorney general. Witnesses present at the Pizarro House at that time verified that Chávez supported the self-coup proposed by his political boss.

Chávez answered the Supreme Court through Tik Tok and assured that he would not move from his home in tacnanear the border with Chile. She was arrested minutes later. The leader took advantage of the live connection to remind her followers that she is about to go on sale her book “Story for a month or if you want for a lifetime.”

Subsequently, the police transferred Chávez to judicial offices, from where he will be transferred to a penitentiary center to serve a sentence 18 month provisional from jail. Relatives and friends of the detainee attacked journalists who went to her home, even throwing her dogs at them.

Chávez was part of the hard line of the castillism During the seven months that he remained in charge of the Ministry of Labor, position that he had to abandon due to the censure of Congress. For three months he served as head of Culture, until she became prime minister in November, in which she held for just a few days, when she resigned on December 7 after the failed coup d’état.

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