The United Nations votes the permanence of the blue helmets in Lebanon: "it is a very complicated situation"

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The United Nations votes on August 30 to renew the mission of the blue helmets in Lebanon. This is a mission approved in 2006 to guarantee that the border between Lebanon and Israel is respected, which has 3,500 troops and of which Spain provides the majority force, with 650 soldiers. In fact, currently Division General Lázaro Sáenz commands the international mission.

Spain wants to continue in Lebanon, although Defense Minister Margarita Robles has confirmed that the situation on the border with Israel is complicated at the moment. Despite the fact that Hezbollah signed United Nations resolution 1701 to restore peace in the area, 17 years later, it is pressing for the UN blue helmets to leave. Robles has met with the Assistant Secretary General for Peacekeeping Operations of the United Nations (UN), Jean-Pierre Lacroix, this Wednesday at the Parador de Toledo before the inter-ministerial meeting on the occasion of the Spanish presidency. As he later stated, “the situation Is very complicated and difficult for Israel and Hezbollah”. Although the minister has expressed her desire to “continue the mission” because the Spanish military “are doing a magnificent job”, she has also recognized the complexity of the situation.

As published The newspaper of Spainthe national Armed Forces have contributed with 22.024 personas, between military personnel, civil guard and interpreters in the 17 years of mission. Although the number is important, so are the casualties throughout these years. In total, 16 Spaniards have died in the act of duty within the Finul mission. Last June, in fact, the Permanent Military Court of Lebanon sentenced a terrorist to life imprisonment for the death of six legionnaires in a terrorist attack.

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