They accuse Puigdemont, Rovira and the ‘estado mayor’ of the ‘process’ by "acts of terrorism" while they negotiate their amnesty with Sánchez

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The judge of the National Court investigating the cause of the Democratic Tsunami attributes to the former president Carles Puigdemontto the general secretary of ERC, Marta Rovira already former senior officials of the Generalitat a crime of terrorism for their involvement in the platform launched in 2019 to organize massive protests against the conviction of the process Along with them there are 10 other defendants, among whom are some considered as the ‘main staff’ of the independence process.

The Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court plans to appeal the decision before the Criminal Chamber of the Court. Sources from the Public Ministry recall that they had never seen terrorism in this case – unlike that of the CDR – and that they planned to ask the judge to refer the investigation to the ordinary courts of Catalonia. In his appeal, he will maintain that, since there is no terrorism but public disorder, the National Court is not competent.

The resolution issued by the magistrate Manuel García Castellón summons the accused to testify, although in the case of Puigdemont, since he is a qualified MEP, he can only offer to testify voluntarily, before requesting the request from the European Parliament.

“It is necessary to summon Carles Puigdemont to be heard on the facts. His summons, at this time, could not be made in any other condition than that of being investigated, assisted by a lawyer, offering him the opportunity to defend himself, given that the interrogation would deal with issues of an obviously incriminating nature,” says the magistrate, who highlights the existence of indications that he planned the Tsunami action.

After his accusation, Puigdemont, who is negotiating an investiture agreement with the PSOE in Brussels, assured on social networks that “‘Go for them!’, so as not to lose the habit. It is the permanent coup d’état that they so like to relive.” “, whether with sabers or with togas. As long as they do not close the door that the king opened with the speech of October 3, the stench of the sewer will always be smelled.”

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