They are the masters: Spain defeats Sweden with a penalty in added time

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A football game, much more than that but only that. Spain, the players who had to stop being one to be the flag of something much more important, are the masters of this game, of the result and of the discourse. Led by Alexia Putellas They were able, against all odds, to once again demonstrate that on the grass they are the best in the world. They disarmed Sweden by cornering them, overcoming her blows and pushing them to the limit to win the most difficult match of their lives in added time and a penalty. [Narración y estadísticas]

For a few minutes at the Gamla Ullevi in ​​Göteborg, nothing mattered other than 22 footballers sending a message to the world: #It’sOver. A cry that the world champions have been singing for a month, which has empowered women, has been applauded by men and has provoked deep reflections that go beyond what happens in the 90 minutes that the ball rolls. That’s why at the beginning it didn’t matter that the packed stands were dyed yellow, that a title was at stake, the Paris Games and even the European Championship in Switzerland. Not even that Spain had only been able to beat Sweden in 13 years on the day when, before everything imploded, they were left out of the World Cup final. The star was worn on the chest by the team that was deprived of its right to euphoria. Now they claim it.

The first decision of Montse Tomé At its premiere it was already a wink: returning the captaincy to the sovereignty of the locker room. Although UEFA announced that Alexia Putellas would wear the armband that was taken from her, she did so Irene Paredesa natural leadership that he will exercise alongside Alexia herself, Aitana Bonmatí y Marion Caldenteyaware of leaving a legacy that paves the way for generations.

In Göteborg, for the first time in a long time, they once again felt like only athletes. Spain was not bothered by the grotesque week and started the game with personality, initiative and wanting to intimidate the number 1 team in the world ranking, a tough nut. This Nations League leaves no room for error: you have to be first in the group to go to Paris. They imposed a high pace that even Putellas called for them to lower so as not to pay dearly after barely having trained. He needed a little pause to meet Bonmatí, hold the ball and prevent the Swedes from running. The recoveries of an incombustible Mariona gave it to him, testing Musovic with the blows of Ona Batlle and Bonmatí herself. But then, the locals were activated and each error planted them in the area of Cata Coll. A Angel valley The first shot escaped them, but from a set piece, the Swedish team’s infallible weapon, the goal came. Eriksson The defense was left to rise and finish a corner alone. Spain paid for the imbalance of a change of coaching staff and a week of more conclaves than grass. The blow could have made it more painful Aslan.

Spain did not sink. She didn’t have to. The Swedes had found a way to get ahead, but Peter Gerhardsson He was not calm on his bench. The Spanish football flowed brilliantly, kneading the ball, with Alexia setting the tempo, dodging with class the impetus of the Swedes, with the relief of Bonmatí and the strength of Mariona to attract rivals. The tie was born from his escape. He peered into the area to find Athena, who hit it to surprise Musovic who lost the ball. The heartfelt hug with Alexia at the celebration was another message that the game left. The result was equal again. Not the game. There the Spanish were the dominators.

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