They deal one of the biggest blows to drug trafficking in northern Spain: six detainees and 17 million euros in drugs

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The Civil Guard and the Ertzaintza, in a joint operation, have managed to strike “one of the most important blows to drug trafficking in northern Spain”as highlighted by the Government delegate in La Rioja, Beatriz Arraiz.

The operation ended with six detainees and the seizure of 58 kilograms of cocaine, 12 of speed, 176 of marijuana, 24 of hashish and 6,310 ecstasy pills, whose combined value in the illicit market would have exceeded 17 million euros.

Arraiz has underlined “the excellent coordination” between the two security forces of the country, which, in addition, have seized more than 78,000 euros in cash, two shotguns, two blank pistols, two high-end vehicles, precursors for the adulteration of cocaine and speed, mobile telephony and computer equipment, as well as various documentation for analysis and study.

For his part, the spokesman for the Civil Guard, Miguel Ángel Sáez, highlighted that, currently, the six detainees, most of whom had prior records for drug trafficking, are in the logrono prison.

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