They find a six-meter shark stranded on a beach in Ferrol

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The corpse of a baby basking shark about six meters long was found this Tuesday stranded in the Playa de Doniños, in Ferrolto the surprise of many bathers.

According to the Coordinator for the Study of Marine Mammals (Cemma), it is about a male calf of ‘cetorhinus maximus’the second largest fish in the world -after the whale shark- which can reach 10 meters in length and four tons in weight.

According to Cemma experts, it is a rare species and probably the waves themselves dragged it to Doniños, where it was sighted at mid-morning this Tuesday.

Thus, Civil Protection officers have been in charge of coordinating the work to remove the body, which have had the supervision of the mayor, Jose Manuel Rey Varelaand the Councilor for Security, Maria del Carmen Pieltainas reported by the City Council.

The shark has been moved with a tractor to a beach dune, where this Wednesday Civil Protection and Cemma troops will proceed to cut it up. The remains will be taken to the Galician Subproduct Manager (Gesuga), in Cerceda (A Coruña), for its subsequent cremation.

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