They set fire to the car of the couple of one of the complainants after the arrest of L-Gante

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L-Gante He was arrested at the beginning of June, days after a conflict he experienced in the street with a group of young people. The successful singer was accused of the crimes of “threats, coercive threats aggravated by the use of weapons and illegal deprivation of liberty”, an issue that has generated a stir in his country. According to Argentine media reports, the artist ended up behind bars and is accused of kidnapping and threatening two people.

The newspaper Clarín shares that the car of the couple of one of the complainants in the case was burned on the night of Wednesday June 28, when he was parked at the door of his house in the city of Buenos Aires. Lawyer Leonardo Sigalwho represents one of the victims, told the aforementioned outlet that another vehicle passed through the area bearing the word Mafiaa term “with which those close to Elian Angel Valenzuelathe real name of L-Gante“.

The lawyer assures that a person leaned on the car and shortly after it burned until it was completely destroyed. He indicates that it was “a clear threat” after confirming that will appeal the extraordinary release from the singer. In addition, he maintains that his client had previously received threats through social networks and knocks on the gate of his home.

John Paul Merlolawyer of L-Gantepoints out in the Clarín newspaper that it is “showy” that the incident of the burned car happened after the release of the music star: “The fire could have been on purpose. First they denounced that they were throwing stones at it and now that they set it on fire. “In addition, he affirms that he has had conversations with some residents of the area and that they” think that the incident could have been on purpose “.

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