Three arrested for the attack by a group linked to the Islamic State against a school in Uganda

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Three people were arrested for the attack last Friday committed by alleged members of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a group with diffuse ties to the Islamic State (IS), against a school in Uganda, according to the authorities, who raised from 41 to 42 the death toll.

In statements published today by the local newspaper Daily MonitorLieutenant Joe Walusimbi, commissioner of the Kasese district (west), where the attack occurred, confirmed the arrests, but did not provide details.

“We have three people arrested and investigations are continuing.. I can’t tell you whether they are Ugandan or not,” Walusimbi told reporters on Sunday.

The commissioner stressed that the Ugandan Army “He’s still chasing these rebels.”

Walusimbi also indicated that the number of deaths in the attack has risen from 41 to 42, including 37 students.

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