Ukraine attacks Moscow again with drones and strikes near the Ministry of Defense

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Two buildings were attacked by drones this morning in Moscow. Russian media reported that they found debris not far from the Ministry of Defense buildings. The Russian government accused Ukraine of a “terrorist” attack but assured that two drones “They crashed” after being neutralized by air defense systems. It was not clear if the drones hit the buildings when they were torn down or were deliberately aimed at their facades.

Since the beginning of the large-scale Russian invasion of the Ukraine, Moscow has been attacked several times by drones. This time they have hit something closer to the center again. On the night of May 3, two drones they attacked the Kremlin from Moscow. On May 30, several aircraft no pilot they attacked several districts of the capital and the Moscow region. On July 4, several drones were shot down as they approached Moscow, so Vnukovo airport (the one Putin uses for travel) had to temporarily close.

The two buildings were attacked today around 4 am. There was “no serious damage or casualties”the mayor pointed out, Sergey Sobyaninand Telegram.

According to the emergency services, they found drone fragments near a building on Komsomolsky Avenue, which runs through the south of the city and into the center of Moscow. The place is about two kilometers of the buildings of the Ministry of Defenceone of the most protected From the capital. The Military University is located near the site where the drone wreckage fell, as well as several secret facilities of the Russian Federation’s military intelligence services, such as the “GRU cyber attack headquarters,” according to Bellingcat researcher Hristo Grozev.

The second drone hit a bussiness center under construction on Likhachev avenue. As a result, the windows were broken from the 17th and 18th floors of the building on an area of ​​50 square meters. A Leroy Merlin store is located in the same building.

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