Ukraine reinforces its border with Belarus and ensures that it advances on all fronts

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The President of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelenski, ordered this Friday to reinforce the northern border before the arrival in Belarus of the head of the Wagner GroupYevgeny Prigozhinand some of its commanders, while the country’s Defense Ministry reported progress in all directions.

“The decision is that the commander-in-chief, Valeri Zaluzhny, and the commander of ‘Pivnich’ (Group of Northern Forces), Sergei Naev, apply a set of measures to reinforce this direction,” Zelensky wrote on Telegram after a meeting of the State Major of the Supreme Commander in Chief with the military commanders.

He added that the Military Intelligence of Ukraine (GUR), the Foreign Intelligence Service (SZR), the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the State Border Guard Service (DPSU) separately reported the situation in Belarus. “We keep her under constant supervision”said the president without directly mentioning the transfer of Prigozhin and part of his commanders to Belarus.

Following last weekend’s abortive mutiny in Russia, President Vladimir Putin gave the mercenaries the option of signing contracts with the Russian Defense Ministry, returning home, or going into exile in Belarus.

Naev assured in the Telegram account of the command of the Joint Forces of Ukraine that “currently there is no direct threat” to Ukraine on the northern front.

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