Vara accelerates and coincides his investiture attempt in Extremadura with the start of the electoral campaign

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The president of the Assembly of Extremadura, the socialist Blanca Martín, has called for the next July 5 and 6 the investiture of Guillermo Fernández Vara, whose final vote would take place on Saturday 8. If the necessary support is not obtained, as is foreseeable , the opportunity would open for new investiture attempts, including that of the PP candidate, María Guardiola, who yesterday stressed that she will seek an agreement with Vox.

In this way, María Guardiola has not been able to prevent Guillermo Fernández Vara from getting on the lectern of the Assembly of Extremadura, although without numerical possibilities, and thus attracting the spotlight on her person and that of the PSOE at the gates of the general elections. Just 24 hours after the president of the Assembly, the socialist Blanca Martín, met with all the candidates of the last regional elections, and although the president of the PP asked her for a few more days, until the end of the week, to reach a According to Vox and thus leave Vara’s intentions on ‘stand-by’, she has not backed down on her decision to open the doors of the Chamber to Vara, despite the fact that the sum of PSOE (28 deputies) plus Unidas Podemos (4) prevents him from proclaiming himself president (33 are needed, which are precisely the ones that PP and Vox can reach).

Blanca Martín delayed one day in making the candidacy of the president of her parliamentary group official because yesterday, Tuesday, she had announced that she was going to appear before the media after concluding the first round of interviews.

But he did not do so and delayed it until this Wednesday, where, paper in hand, he read his decision after, he said, having listened to the four parliamentary groups: “The candidate is Guillermo Fernández Vara,” he proclaimed, and he will propose it immediately to the Table of the Assembly, where the PSOE has the majority, and to the Board of Spokesmen, in addition to setting the already confirmed dates: “July 5 and 6 (the first day at 6:00 p.m. and on the following day, at 9.00 a.m.) At 48 p.m., on Saturday the 8th, the voting will take place, already in the middle of the electoral campaign, which officially begins with the acts of ‘sticking up the posters’ on the night of Thursday the 7th.

The president of the Assembly justified her decision because so far she is the only one who has formalized and registered in the regional Chamber her “will to attend the investiture” and, therefore, she does not have to make “more interpretations, than apply the law “. At the same time, she has appreciated the “tone” of the candidates in the meetings held yesterday.

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