Victims of ETA ask to see the French ambassador for stopping the actions against ETA

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Victims of terrorism have shown their discomfort at what they interpret to be a “stop” on the judicial proceedings of the National Court against the heads of the ETA organization.

The Asociation Dignity and Justice He has sent a letter of complaint to the French ambassador in Spain to show his discomfort and ask him to meet shortly to explain this paralysis.

The reaction of Dignity and Justice – an association chaired by Daniel Porter– occurs after EL MUN DOpublished that France has put the handbrake. For months now, the French judicial authorities have been stopping all requests from the National Court on the ETA leaders, which is generating a powerful discontent among the investigators of the cases. In some cases, for more than a year, the magistrates who are investigating cases against ETA leaders have sent requests to the French Justice to be able to act against those terrorist leaders who are in France. But for the moment they only obtain silence and passivity, a passivity that some interpret in a political key: anything that is promoting judicial proceedings against the heads of the terrorist organization generates a “complex” situation in Spanish politics.

In fact, the paralysis caused by France in these summaries is received with some relief in Moncloa, where they interpret that an indictment or new sentences for those responsible for terrorists can “tighten” the government’s relations with its Basque partners, both the PNV and Bildu, who are committed to taking firmer steps to advance in the release of ETA members.

Last Tuesday, the Portero association sent the letter addressed to the French ambassador in Spain, Jean Michel Casa. “We are writing to you after it has been published that the French judicial authorities have been paralyzing for a year all the requests made by the National Court to investigate the heads of the terrorist group ETA in the framework of any of the procedures that it maintains open the high court against the leadership of the organization that requires some type of collaboration with their country”, starts the letter to which EL MUNDO has had access.

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