Violence in the streets and candlelight vigil in the rain: Chile reaches a tense September 11

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The 50th anniversary of the coup d’état Augusto Pinochet a Salvador Allende This Monday finds Chile in an atmosphere of high tension, with violence in various sectors of Santiago throughout the weekend, a growing abyss between the president Gabriel Boric and the opposition and a candlelight vigil in the rain on Sunday night with a repeated slogan: “Never again!”

The vigil was in Constitution Plazain front of the Palacio de la Moneda, the seat of government that exactly 50 years ago today was bombed by the Chilean Air Force to evict President Allende, who ended up committing suicide.

“The women of Chile, once again, as always, giving us all a lesson,” she wrote Boric on their social networks regarding the women’s march on a cold and rainy night at the end of winter in the capital of Chile.

It was the end of a sometimes violent weekend. On Sunday afternoon, hooded men confronted Carabineros in the center of Santiago, where they also tried to loot a market. In another sector of the city, anarchist groups threw stones at protesters from the Socialist Partypart of the left-wing coalition led by Boric.

In the incident carried out by the hooded men, about 50 people dressed in black threw stones and cobblestones that broke six windows of the La Moneda Palace.

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