Vox signs María del Camino Limia, the rancher who confronted Garzón, as counselor in Extremadura

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A career lawyer, first in Zamora, where she developed urban plans for the Junta de Castilla y León, and then a shepherd and rancher of one hundred percent Merino sheep for hunting in Don Benito (Badajoz). Is called Maria del Camino Limia (Zamora, 1984) and is the one chosen by Vox to be the Minister of Forestry Management and the Rural World of María Guardiola’s cabinet, as she has been able to learn THE WORLD from solvent sources.

Camino, as it is known in the agricultural world, already had many followers on social networks due to its activity, but it was as a result of an interview published by THE WORLD in January 2022, when he rose to fame. At that time, the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzon, had attacked the quality of Spanish meat. After her response to the minister in this newspaper, Camino was requested by numerous national media, especially on television, which gave her great popularity.

A great communicator, she owns 6,000 pure cattle and has recovered transhumance as an avant-garde production model to manage farms. Since the end of 2021 she presides over the Sustainable World Livestock Associationpresent in 28 countries – most of them Latin American – which groups more than 2,000 farms and 150,000 hectares.

María Guardiola will announce the names of all her directors on Thursday -and they will take office on Friday- in a process that has taken a few days until Vox has already formalized the incorporation of its director after an intense casting among various people from the agricultural world of Extremadura.

The selection process has included various interviews, some of them online and others face-to-face, even in Madrid, with the presidents of Asaja Cáceres, angel garcia whiteo Asaja Badajoz, Juan Metidieri, who rejected this proposal. It was also played the president of Aceriber, Elena Dieguez. Finally, and after several days of selection, the chosen one is María del Camino Limia.

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