Week 10 notes: The Buffalo Bills’ problem

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NFL Week 10 and you have to start taking things very seriously. There are no longer ‘good’ or ‘bad’ starts to the season. There are good or bad realities. Good or bad teams. It is simple. This has been the best and worst of this weekend, and we analyzed it all in more detail in the last El Touchdown.

How is it possible for a team to resurrect in such spectacular fashion after its starting quarterback ruptures his Achilles tendon? The serious injury of Kirk Cousins and physical problems Justin Jefferson They seemed to end the Vikings’ season, but the signing of Joshua Dobbs and the good work of Kevin O’Connell From the bench they have relaunched a squad that has accumulated five wins in a row, the best streak in the league, after starting the season 1-4. Against the Saints, TJ Hockenson appeared, who at this level can go toe-to-toe with the best TEs in the competition.

After a very irregular start to the season, with Sean Payton surrounded by criticism and with Dolphins Scoring 70 points, the Broncos have regained their level in recent weeks and have gotten into the fight for the Playoffs (4-5), beating the Chiefs and the Bills. They have three wins in a row, Russell Wilson is not making serious mistakes and the defense has appeared on time.

This week The Notes are about teams outside the media spotlight. The Seahawks are 6-3, with the same record as the heavily favored 49ers and the powerful Cowboys. Do they deserve more recognition? This week they beat the Commanders, who seem to get carried away thinking about next season. Geno Smith They recovered their best version by finding Lockett and Walker III and although the attack seems to have moments when it doesn’t quite connect, the 6 victories put them in a clear position for the Playoffs. Even the promising Charbonnet has appeared. Delusion.

The big news of the week in the NFL is that perhaps the Bills will not play in the Playoffs this season. One of the favorites before starting the course and one of the great disappointments of the 10 days we have played. The game against Denver cannot be lost by a team that aspires to the SuperBowl, and the Chiefs also lost against the Broncos, but the Bills’ moment is different. Josh Allen He arrived on the pitch with his team 5-4 and the chance to get some air, and it turned out to be one of his worst afternoons. He leads the league in interceptions (11) and beyond his connection with Diggs he can’t get that attack going. Buffalo’s schedule, which has fired its offensive coordinator, forces us to wake up now: Eagles, Chiefs, Cowboys and Chargers. They are 5-5, two wins behind Miami, the leader of their division, and are currently the tenth team in their conference.

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