What is botulism? These are your symptoms

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The botulism outbreak associated with packaged potato tortillas has left for now seven cases in Spain, with three people who have required treatment in the ICU. Four of them – two citizens of Italy who consumed this product in Valladolidone in Asturias and a room in Galicia– have been confirmed, and three -in Madridin Andalusia and in the Valencian Community– have a compatible clinical situation.

Both the two confirmed cases from Galicia and Asturias -two people aged 49 and 50, respectively, who ate this product between June 19 and July 5- and the probable one from Madrid -49 years old and who started symptoms on the 10th- have required treatment in the ICU, as reported by the Center for Coordination of Health Emergencies and Alerts (CCAES) this Wednesday.

Botulism is a rare but serious disorder that is caused by toxins produced by the bacteria. Clostridium botulinum. These toxins produce weakness or paralysis in the nerves.

The bacteria Clostridium botulinum They are found in soil and in untreated water around the world. They can reach the human organism in different ways. The most common types of botulism are alimentary, which is produced by the consumption of food contaminated with the toxin; can also be produced wound botulism, if the bacteria enter the body through a wound and produce the toxin. There is also the so-called infant botulism, which occurs when spores of the bacteria multiply in the intestine of the affected baby. Botulism associated with an incorrect injection of botulinum toxin for cosmetic or medical reasons is less frequent. This type is called iatrogenic botulism.

Among other problems, difficulty swallowing or speaking may appear; facial weakness on both sides of the face; blurred or double vision; drooping eyelids; difficulty breathing; paralysis: nausea and vomiting, etc. In the case of infant botulism, constipation is often the first symptom. Muscle weakness and head control problems also appear; weak crying, irritability, drooling, drooping eyelids, tiredness, problems sucking or feeding, or paralysis, among others. It is essential to quickly seek medical help when botulism is suspected, as it can be deadly.

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