Which mixed mortgages have an interest rate of less than 3% for the first few years?

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Mixed mortgages are increasingly coveted by families seeking financing to purchase a home. These products, previously very minority, allow you to have a reduced fixed interest during the first years, which is very attractive now that the Euribor is trading above 4%. And banks, aware of its popularity, offer competitive conditions within this modality to attract clientele and improve their concession data.

According to a market study carried out by the financial comparator HelpMyCash.com, there are at least five banks that they market mixed mortgages with a fixed interest rate of less than 3% applicable during the first years of the life of the loan: Ibercaja, Cajamar, EVO Banco, Pibank and Banco Sabadell. In addition, other entities may offer similar or even better conditions if the applicant has a good profile and is willing to negotiate.

Ibercaja, for example, has two mixed mortgages with an initial fixed rate of less than 3%. The first, called Let’s Mixed Mortgage 5have a fixed interest of 2.25% for the first five years and from Euribor plus 0.85% for the following. And the second, called Let’s Mixed Mortgage 10has a fixed rate of 2.55% during the first ten years and from Euribor plus 1.10% for the rest of the term.

In both cases, the interest in the variable rate section is subsidized by one percentage point in exchange for contracting a good number of the bank’s products: direct deposit of payroll and receipts, using a credit card, subscribing to two insurance policies (home and life ) and invest in a systematic contribution plan. Ibercaja offers to finance up to 80% of the purchase of a primary home, with a minimum amount of 100,000 euros and a term of up to 25 years.

Cajamar also belongs to this list, according to HelpMyCash analysts. His Mixed Type Mortgage has a fixed interest from 2.40% during the first five years and a variable rate from Euribor plus 0.60% for the rest. In both sections, yes, the interest is subsidized by one percentage point for meeting up to six requirements: being a member of the entity, direct deposit of the payroll, using a card from the entity, taking out home insurance, life insurance and investing in one or more of your funds.

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