Who is Buika, the artist who will be a jury at OT 2023

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Amazon Prime Video will premiere on Monday, November 20 Operation Triunfo 2023. The streaming platform has already revealed who will make up the jury and, together with the journalist Cristina Regatero and the music producer Pablo Rousswill also be Buika.

The member of the jury, whose full name is Concha Buika, is a singer born on May 11, 1972 in Palma de Mallorca. In 2000 she released her first album, Mixed racewho was followed Buika (2005), My girl Lola (2006), Girl of Fire (2008), The last drink (2009) in collaboration with the Cuban pianist Chucho Valdes, The longest night (2013), Live without fear (2015) y For me (2017). Throughout her career, she has collaborated with artists such as Nelly Furtado, Antonio Carmona, Seal o Jose Luis Perales.

There will not be anyone in the world, The fake coin, Fucked but happy o How was it are some of the best-known songs by Buika, who has been nominated for the Grammy award on two occasions. Furthermore, in 2022 he received the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts which grants the Ministry of Culture of Spain.

Amazon Prime Video has already officially presented the jury of OT 2023. “We must not forget that we have very young people in front of us with a dream and, When you fight for your dream, sooner or later you get it. The only way there is to bribe me is to sing in the most incredible way you have done since the day you were born, there is no other way,” Buika said.

The streaming service has announced that 18 aspirants will participate in the Gala 0 to fight for his position in the Academy. “The weekly galas of 90 minutes They will have a high level of production and will be presented by the successful singer Chenoa. They will be broadcast live on Prime Video all Monday at 22:00 hours and they will be more dynamic, focused on the musical performances of the contestants, adjusting to prime time. For the first time, Noemí Galera and some of the Academy’s teachers will be on set during the gala, allowing them to interact with the presenter and the contestants, and a new space will be introduced on the set called Green Room intended for the contestants, where they can wait before their performance. Additionally, this year fans will be able to celebrate the Christmas with a special gala on December 25 without nominees or expulsions,” the company announced.

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