Who is Pablo Rouss, the producer who will be a judge at OT 2023

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Pablo Rouss is the stage name of Pablo Rousselonwho will be part of the jury of Operation Triunfo 2023. The Navarrese is a music producer, composer, sound engineer and singer.

Amazon Prime Videoa platform that will offer the musical ‘talent show’, highlights that it is behind Red high heelssuccess of Sebastian Yatra with which he won a Latin Grammy for best pop song. He is also responsible for another of the Colombian’s issues, A night without thinking.

The musician was responsible for some of the most popular compositions of Belen Aguileraas The Band Aid, Emotional Intelligence, Chameleon, Greyhound y Antagonist. He worked with the singer on her album Superpop and in his EP Metanoia. Other artists he has produced songs for are Vanesa Martín, David Bisbal, Lola Indigo y Paula Cendejas.

He himself reviews some of his works in a video that he shared on social networks: “For people who don’t know me, I’ll tell you a little more about myself.” Among the albums he has produced, he highlights Hensitoof Henswhich contains the themes Two days a month y I’m crazy about you). Also mentions the disks The kids from the parkof Wallsy Casanovaof Recycled J. In addition, he is behind collaborations such as Rumbapopof Pole y Towy Santoriniof Enol y Marbles.

In addition to being a music producer, Pablo Rouss He has his own project as a singer. She published her first album in 2023, Cycleswhich has 17 songs in which he collaborates with numerous artists. Alvaro de Luna, Leo Rizzi, Cruz Cafune, Maikel Delacalle, Bethlehem Aguilera, Recycled J, Vivi K, Zetazen, Marlon y Sara Socas These are some of the names that appear on the album.

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