Why do we accumulate so much at home? How to get rid of everything that we refuse to throw away

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How many times have you gone to the kitchen and noticed that 2015 calendar Which one did you stop tearing off the leaves? Or have you put away that radio next to the sink that your father used before the invention of Bluetooth? And what about that cell phone that you kept in a ‘just in case’?

We are that way. We all keep numerous objects at home that are of no use. Either because they don’t work, or because we have renewed them. We refuse to throw away dozens of things having created a sentimental bond with them.

To help us get rid of all the useless material, Hideko Yamasita point to method DAN-SHA-RI. It is a philosophy that has been applied for years on the Asian continent and of which this writer is now its main precursor.

This idea is based on three basic principles. The DAN, which means close the way to unnecessary things that try to enter our lives; the SHA, which means throw away everything that is useless and takes up space in our homes and the IR, which is become a person detached from thingsmanaging to live in a more orderly and relaxed environment to have a better mood.

Yamasita explains that people who keep their old and obsolete objects do so for three possible reasons: wanting to escape from reality, feeling a great attachment to the past or experiencing some anxiety about what is to come and feel a great need to be prepared for it.

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