Yolanda Castaño, National Poetry Prize 2023 for her work ‘Matter’

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Yolanda Castano has been awarded the National Poetry Award, corresponding to the year 2023, for his work ‘Materia’, at the proposal of the jury meeting this September 27. The prize, awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, is worth 30,000 euros.

The jury has highlighted his work “for the powerful poetic proposal in which each state of matter is expressed in its own tone, with poems of a painful and original metaphysics, which points to both the avant-garde and the origin with an extraordinary evocative force.” and sensory”.

Likewise, the jury highlighted that “in ‘Materia’, Yolanda Castano shows us a metaphorical poetry that dialogues with personal and collective memory and, at the same time, direct, radical and feminist. It explores, in a non-complacent way, topics such as motherhood, family and customs and manages to take reality out of its usual nebula to make it concrete in linguistic matters, highlighting the verbal and rhythmic game that questions what is established.”

The jury was chaired by the general director of Books, Comics and Reading of the Ministry of Culture and Sports María José Gálvez Salvador; while the deputy director general for the Promotion of Books, Reading and Spanish Literature, Jesús González González, has acted as vice president.

Ana Romaní Blanco, proposed by the Real Academia Galicia/Real Academia Galicia, performed as vocalists; José Manuel López Gaseni, for the Real Academy of the Basque Language/Euskaltzaindia; Víctor Obiols Llandric, for the Institute of Catalan Studies/Institute of Catalan Studies; and Àngel Vicent Calpe Climent, by the Valencian Language Academy/Valencian Language Academy.

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