Yolanda Díaz accelerates with Puigdemont and will present an amnesty plan on Tuesday in Barcelona

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Given the silence of the PSOE regarding its negotiations with the pro-independence parties to try to tie up the investiture of Pedro Sánchez, Yolanda Díaz has announced that next week she will present in Barcelona the opinion prepared by Sumar’s legal advisors on the “fit” in the amnesty Constitution. The new law would apply to those convicted and prosecuted for the 2014 consultation on the future of Catalonia and the illegal referendum of 2017, both for the commission of criminal and administrative infractions.

The proposal includes the exoneration of “actions or omissions of political intention linked to the objective of achieving self-determination” from January 2013 to the present, as advanced The newspaper and EL MUNDO has been able to confirm. In addition, it contemplates the retroactive repeal of the crimes that the police officers charged with the 1-O charges would have incurred, except in cases in which attacks against moral integrity occurred, when it is understood that the agents acted with cruelty.

Junts confirmed this Friday that Sumar has already conveyed its proposal for an amnesty law within the framework of the negotiations to invest Sánchez and has committed to studying it and giving a response “as immediately as possible,” Europa Press reports. . The acting Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, has pointed out, in turn, that it is a “undoubtedly respectable document, but it is not the position of the PSOE.”

Díaz thus tries to mark the pace in the negotiations for the acting president of the Government, who has not even publicly uttered the word amnesty yet, although this Thursday he admitted for the first time that it is an issue that is being discussed with the parliamentary groups. What his partner did not want is about the possibility of Ferraz sending an emissary to the Belgian capital when the pact has been closed and that, according to her, she has published The countrywould be the Secretary of Organization of the party, Santos Cerdan.

Furthermore, the leader of Sumar has defended her meeting in Brussels on September 4 with Carles Puigdemont, who fled Spain after the 1-O referendum and was responsible for Junts, whose votes are essential for the reissue of the current coalition. in front of La Moncloa. “I know very well that recognition is key in dialogue strategies,” she stressed in an interview on RTVE Catalunya.

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