Zac Goldsmith resigns as Secretary of State for the Environment and criticizes the "climate apathy" de altar

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Zac Goldsmith, one of the last survivors of the Boris Johnson era, has resigned as Secretary of State for the Environment in a harsh criticism of premierRishi Sunak por su “climate apathy”. Sunak has replied alleging that his resignation is actually due to his refusal to apologize to the parliamentary privileges committee, which this week he pointed along with a total of seven deputies and three lords who interfered in the investigation of the Partygate.

Goldsmith reiterated, however, that this was not the reason for his resignation and that he would have had “no problem” in publicly acknowledging that there should not have been criticized the committee for launching an alleged Witch hunt against Johnson. Even so, he defended the right of parliamentarians to “freely express their opinion” on the functioning of democratic institutions.

His decision to resign, he assures, is due to a simple reason: “If I compare what my great team and I were able to do before the arrival of this prime minister with the slow progress we have todayI cannot justify the fact of continuing in this Government”.

Goldsmith stressed that the arrival of Sunak, in contrast to Boris Johnson, has meant “a paralysis” on virtually all environmental fronts: from the climate emergency to the wastewater crisis, including animal welfare. In particular, he criticized Sunak’s decision to attend a meeting with Rupert Murdoch instead of participating in the recent summit for financing action on climate change in Paris.

“Goldsmith’s departure from the government amounts to an indictment against Rishi Sunak for all he has failed to do for the climate and for nature,” he declared. Ed MilibandLabor spokesperson on climate change.

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