Zaragoza: the Tarazona gastroenteritis outbreak now registers 444 cases

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The number of cases due to the gastroenteritis outbreak detected 13 days ago in the town Zaragoza of Tarazona now rises to 444as reported this Saturday by the Government of Aragon.

Once it has been confirmed that the causative agent of the outbreaka protozoan of the genus Cryptosporidium, It is located on the Queiles River, Prevention measures, such as prohibiting drinking tap water, have been extended to the towns of Novallas, Torrellas and Los Fayos.

Likewise, it has alerted the neighboring communities of Navarra and Castilla y Leónthrough which the aforementioned river also runs, and contact is maintained with the health authorities to coordinate actions.

The Minister of Health of Aragon, José Luis Bancalero, contacted his counterpart in Castilla y León this Friday “to also investigate upstream of the Aragonese territory”.

Likewise, Navarra has been alerted, since there are towns on the riverbank that have water intakes from the Queiles.

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