Zelensky boasts of progress on the Dnieper River, but admits the impact of the Middle East conflict

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The president of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelenski, boasted this Friday about the latest advances of his troops south of the Dnieper River, the natural barrier that separates them from the Crimean peninsulaalthough he admitted the impact that the Middle East conflict is having on ammunition supplies.

“Left bank of (the southern region of) Jershon. Our soldiers. Thank you for your strength and your progress.”he wrote on his Telegram channel and on X (formerly Twitter) also including photos of those military units.

These advances are crucial, since the “general winter” is at the doors. Cold and snow will descend on Donbas and the southern front early next week, according to weather forecasts.

The Dnieper, Ukraine’s largest river, became the line of separation of forces a year ago, when the Russian troops withdrew from northern Jershon, a retreat that many in Moscow considered humiliating.

Zelensky published photos showing Ukrainian boats crossing the river, but also trenches dug in the shore by the units who have managed to put their boots on the other side of the Dnieper.

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