5 Halloween movies you can watch on Netflix

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If there is a perfect time of year to enjoy the horror cinemathat is Halloween. Many people choose spooky titles with guaranteed scares during the month of October. If you enjoy movies of this type, you will find several proposals to scare you in Netflix.

Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale) gives life in this film to a woman who decides to escape a controlling and violent relationship with a technological genius. After fleeing from her, she discovers that her ex has committed suicide, but she suspects that her death is a trick and she begins to be stalked by an invisible entity. Leigh Whannell (Insidious: Chapter 3) is the director and screenwriter of this film, based on the novel of the same name by H. G. Wells.

Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) is a young African-American man who is nervous at the idea of ​​meeting his girlfriend’s parents, Rose (Allison Williams), and spend a weekend at his mansion in the countryside. At first, he believes their overly accommodating attitude is due to his daughter’s interracial relationship. However, he will end up discovering that the family is hiding something unimaginable. Jordan Peele (Us, ¡Nop!) debuted as a feature film director with this production that won the Oscar for best original screenplay.

A trio of young thieves decide to rob the house of a blind man after learning that he keeps a large amount of money in his home. Although they They think it will be the perfect robbery, inside the house the situation will become more complicated than they had imagined and their lives will be in danger. This horror and action film is the work of Federico Alvarez (Infernal possession).

This film directed by Andy Muschietti (Mother) part of a popular novel by Stephen King. Revolves around Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård)a monster that takes the form of a clown and terrorizes the children of a small town in the United States in the 80s. The young people will have to deal with their worst fears. Netflix It also offers its second part, which shows the protagonists become adults almost 30 years later.

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