80% of sexual assaults on minors are committed by relatives or acquaintances of the victim

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In eight out of 10 cases of sexual abuse of minors, the aggressor is an acquaintance or family member of the victim, mainly the father or mother’s partnerand in almost 7 out of 10 the perpetrator has no criminal record, according to a report by Save The Children released this Thursday.

The victim’s profile is from a girl who begins to suffer abuse at 11 years oldfacts that are reported with the help of his mother and are judged in processes that last up to three years.

They are conclusions of the analysis carried out by the NGO 389 sentences issued between 2021 and 2022 on cases of sexual abuse committed against children that total 478 victims and of which 88.3% ended in conviction.

In relation to the aggressors, the majority of them belong to the victim’s environment: the 40.6% of the total are family membersamong which the mother and father partner stand out, and 42.3% are other acquaintances, such as friends of the family or the victim or professionals who work with minors.

Furthermore, it is observed that the 67.2% of aggressors have no criminal record and, of those who do have them, only 4% of the cases had been for crimes against sexual freedom.

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