A drone records a 10-year-old boy causing a fire in southern Italy

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And drone controlled by services fire prevention has recorded a 10-year-old boy while causing a fire in the region of Calabriaas denounced by its president, Roberto Occhiuto, on social networks.

“Two images from today have particularly caught my attention: one is about a boy who is setting fire in a forest like a professional, starting several fires from a distance and when he realizes that there is a drone filming him, he runs even his grandfather, riding a tractor”, details the politician.

In the video it can be seen that the adult gave instructions to the minor, since after cursing the device for having caught him “red-handed” he set out to put out the fires immediately.

The other images that Occhiuto criticizes show a group of people spreading potentially flammable waste in a forest near a river.

The region of Calabria has deployed about thirty drones as a form of deterrence and to identify the architects of some of the fires that are burning these days in the country. “Thanks to the drones we caught 32 arsonists in two weeks,” says Occhiuto.

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