A fire in Acenorca, one of the largest olive processing cooperatives in Montehermoso, leaves two injured and serious material damage

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Several fire crews are working to control a serious fire that broke out yesterday afternoon at the cooperative’s facilities. Acenorcain Montehermoso (Estremadura). The causes of it are still unknown, but it is believed that it could have started with a spark.

The column of smoke has been visible in recent hours from municipalities located more than 20 kilometers away, such as Plasencia, and two people have been slightly injured, according to 112. These are two employees who have been poisoned, although they received the discharged in the same place, they did not have to be transferred to the hospital.

The president of the Provincial Council of Cáceres, Miguel A. Morales, has reported on the situation in Acenorca on his X account (formerly Twitter), where he has described the afternoon and evening as “very complicated” for fire extinguishing tasks. .

According to the Provincial Council, firefighters from the SEPEI of Coria, Plasencia, Valencia de Alcántara and Cáceres have worked on the fire with three feeder pumps, three rural pumps, and two high-altitude vehicles; three for transportation and three for leadership. In total, 23 people including controls.

Acenorca It was inaugurated in 2007, is supplied by 20 olive cooperatives in the area and has a processing capacity of 25 million kilos of olives.

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