A humpback whale of almost 10 meters appears stranded on a beach in Ferrol

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A Humpback Whale of between eight and 10 meters in length has appeared stranded on the shore of the marmadeiro beachbelonging to the municipality of Ferrol.

This is the first humpback whale, one of the largest rocuales species that exists, to beach on the Galician coast since 2011 and the fourth since 1990, when cetacean records began to be taken in the area.

The specimen measures between 8 and 10 meters and He reached the shore already dead. Since then, it has remained on the shore waiting for the Ferrol City Council to organize the operation for its removal.

The discovery occurred late Monday afternoon in the Ferrol sandbank, to where volunteers from Civil protection and members of the Coordinator for the Study of Marine Mammals (Cemma).

The humpback whale is a species in a critical situation due to the proliferation of its hunting throughout the 20th century, which has led these cetaceans to the edge of extinction.

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