A man kills two people in Brussels shouting "Allah is great"

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Two Swedish citizens have been murdereds this Monday afternoon in downtown Brussels and two other people have been injured after an attack with a automatic weapon. It is a “cowardly terrorist attack”, according to the authorities, whose perpetrator, a man between 25 and 40 years old, fled on a motorcycle. The Police have so far only confirmed the deaths, although they are aware that several videos of a man who, in the name of the Islamic State, claims the attack.

“I have just offered my deepest condolences to the Swedish government following tonight’s horrific attack on Swedish citizens in Brussels. Our thoughts are with the families and friends who lost their loved ones. As close partners, the fight against terrorism is joint. “Right now I am with the Ministers of Justice and the Interior at the national crisis center. We are monitoring the situation and we ask the residents of Brussels to be attentive,” said the Prime Minister. Alexander de Croo. Threat Assessment Center Ocam, has risen to 4, its maximum, the alert level, synonymous with a serious and imminent threat. The Federal Tax, competent in cases of terrorism, is already in the investigation.

The details are not clear but both the Government and the agents are sure that it is an attack. Operations are underway. In several videos spread on social networks, the suspect presents himself as jihadist and claims to belong to the Islamic State.

The first video that circulates, and that Federal police asks that they not be disseminated, shows the alleged perpetrator shooting in the street and chasing two people to the entrance of a building and then finishing them off on the ground. It is recorded from afar, only a orange vest, a helmet and an automatic weapon.

The second, still unverified, is from a man who in Arabic seems to vindicate his actions on behalf of the Islamic State and the Caliphate, in which he shows his anger at the deaths and humiliations of Muslims around the world and swears revenge. In a publication in Facebook, The man introduces himself and explains “having avenged the Muslims.” “We live for our religion, we die for our religion, thank God,” he said in one of them. “Thank God, your brother Abdesalam “he avenged the Muslims, I just killed three Swedes,” he continues proudly. According to official sources, only two people lost their lives and not three.

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