Aphrodisiacs do not exist: from Casanova oysters to Montezuma chocolate

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No oysters, no chocolate, no honey. Despite what the legend says, aphrodisiacs do not exist. However, almost all myths have a little bit of reality that someone clings to like a tick to build an entire lie. And not always with bad intentions. We simply want to believe in magic, especially with the topics that interest us the most, such as in this case, the sexual topic.

Legend has it that Casanova He ate 50 oysters before getting to work. Pim-pam-pim-pam. Does this make any sense? The truth is that oysters have zinc and that zinc is necessary to produce testosterone and sperm. Some clever person made the rule of three and thought: if oysters have a lot of zinc and zinc produces testosterone and sperm. Therefore, if I eat a lot of oysters I will have a lot of testosterone and therefore a lot of sperm.

Not to be a party pooper but Casanova’s theory is missing two things. The first thing is that there is no need to spend your salary on oysters because with the food you eat at home you can also get your zinc needs without any problem. He zinc It is in many foods that we eat daily such as meat, fish, whole grains or nuts. Come on, the oyster is very cool and glamorous but the zinc is more distributed than the Christmas fat.

On the other hand, Casanova did not control the detail that too much zinc has adverse effects. Oyster puffing can be a shot in the foot… or rather the leg because excess zinc can block the absorption of copper. If you load up on oysters with a lot of zinc like Casanova and don’t let the copper be absorbed, the copper builds up. And this excess can cause neurological problems including numbness and weakness in the arms and legs. Come on, Casanova wanted his legs to tremble by eating oysters… but for something else.

If Casanova ate 50 oysters before going to work, Moctezuma ate 50 cups of cocoa with water and spices.

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