A man shoots two protesters dead at an anti-mining protest in Panama

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The protests in Panama in rejection of a mining contract experienced their most tragic day this Tuesday after An armed man killed two protesters who blocked his way with their vehicle on a closed road, as EFE was able to verify at the scene of the shooting.

The attacker, a 77-year-old Panamanian of supposed American origin, argued for several minutes with the protesters, who were blocking the Pan-American highway in the Chame sector, whom he threatened with a gun, while removing several objects that were obstructing the passage on the road such as tires and rocks.

“Why don’t you shoot? You’re going to have to kill us all,” one of the protesters challenged him, without imagining that shortly after the man would open fire. It was around 2:40 p.m. local time (7:40 p.m. GMT).

First he shot a man in front of him who was carrying a Panamanian flag, falling instantly. Screams broke out. A few seconds later a second shot. The victim walked a few meters to the other side of the road, before collapsing to the ground and losing consciousness.

One of the protesters who was shot died at the scene, while the other died on the way to a medical center, where he “arrived without vital signs,” according to the police report to which EFE had access.

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