A man steals an ambulance at the Teruel hospital to return to town after being discharged

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A man, who had received the medical discharge at the Obispo Polanco Hospital of Teruelhas stolen an ambulance from the emergency door of said center to return to his home in the Teruel town of Fuentespalda.

According to police sources, after travel the 192 kilometers that separate the capital of Teruel from the aforementioned municipality, in the Matarraña region, called 062 of the Civil Guard to communicate that it was he who had taken the ambulance and indicate the place where he had left it.

The man, who is in good health and, apparently, had no other means of returning to town, is being investigated (charged) for an alleged crime of theft.

The events occurred this Saturday around 5:00 p.m. when the ambulance driver parked it in the Emergency area and entered the hospital to pick up a patient for a transfer. When leaving, he verified that the vehicle had disappeared.

He then filed the corresponding complaint with the National Police and the protocol was established to try to locate the vehicle.

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