A policeman from the National Court arrested for giving "tipsters" to drug gangs

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an agent of the Judicial Police Unit of the National Court (UPJAN) has been arrested for having provided information on investigations of that judicial headquarters to drug gangs, as confirmed by legal sources on Wednesday.

The investigation, which is under secrecy, is in the hands of the Central Court of Instruction number 1 of the National Court and the Anti-Drug Prosecutor of the court that centralizes the main operations against drug trafficking. The investigations that could have been affected by the tips were investigated in the Court.

Various crimes are attributed to the agent, including revealing secrets and collaborating with an organized gang. After the arrest, the detainee was made available to the judge and was provisionally released, according to Efe.

The accused agent has been serving for several years in the unit assigned to the National Court, so the investigators try to determine since when he has been able to collaborate, allegedly, with the drug gangs. The agent could have provided data from a certain band to another rival.

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