A storm threatens to ruin the October 12 bridge

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The summer weather that is marking the month of October will continue until the Pilar bridge, when a storm could bring cloud cover and precipitation closer along the Atlantic slope, according to Tiempo.es.

So far this month, thermometers have broken numerous records after a September that was also very warm in large areas of the country, although it was also extremely humid.

For now, the prediction maintains uncertainty about the meteorology for the day of Pilar and the following days, but it does seem that Temperatures will peak this Friday and Saturday, October 6 and 7 while from Sunday they will begin to decrease progressively.

However, despite the decrease, eltiempo.es meteorologist Mar Gómez predicts that temperatures will continue “predictably above normal for the date in almost the entire country”, although not as much as this week.

At the moment, for the celebration of October 12 there are different meteorological scenarios, some of which predict that it will approach an Atlantic storm in the west of the Peninsula in the middle of the weekbut it is still not clear if it will get close enough to the Peninsula for rain to arrive.

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