A young man dies after the electronic device he was carrying on his bedside explodes

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A young man from 25 years has died after suffering serious burns when a mobile device that he was charging on the nightstand in his room exploded in the Navarrese town of He.

This has been confirmed by the Civil Guard, which is investigating the causes of this event, the origin of which was initially attributed to a mobile phone, but has subsequently been ruled out.

And, as investigation sources explained in a statement, after carrying out the visual technical inspection by Judicial Police officers of the Civil Guard of Navarra, it was observed that the ignition could have been due to an electronic device that was plugged in, not being able to specify what type due to the state in which it has been left.

On the ground there was a mobile phone with no signs of explosion or ignition, so It is ruled out that the reason for the explosion was the mobile phone of this man.

At around 2:20 p.m., as detailed by the Civil Guard, the agents were required at a home in Bera after a device had exploded. while a young man was sleeping.

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