Abraham Mateo admits Chanel’s problem with SloMo: "You can’t do it live"

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Some fans of Chanel Terrero They were surprised to see that the artist does not include in her live repertoire SloMothe theme with which he represented Spain in Eurovision 2022. The singer did not perform her great success on October 11 in Zaragoza, within the framework of the festival LOS40 Pilar Pop.

A user commented on Instagram: “All of Zaragoza wanted to see you sing SloMo y you left us wanting… I don’t understand why you didn’t sing the song that made you so famous and gave so many good times to the rest of us.” Her response set off alarm bells: “Well, because there are many things you don’t know“.

His words gave rise to many speculations about the reason that would prevent him from performing the aforementioned composition, which could have to do with his iconic dance. Abraham Mateowho collaborated with her in Clavaíto, confirmed that her professional partner have a problem with the topic.

The musician appeared speaking about this matter at the delivery of Socialite aired on Sunday, October 22. When a reporter asked him about her possible conflict with her former choreographer, the Andalusian responded: “Chanel She is my sister, from the heart. SloMo It is a song that has marked a before and after in her career… I feel very sorry for her that in the end I can’t do it live. I hope it is resolved soon. “I’m going to encourage her, I’m going to be calling her and I’m going to support her a lot.”

The music critic Odi O’Malley pointed out that Chanel Terrero does not have a copyright problem with SloMo for having changed record labels. It should be noted that the song was published by BMG Spain in December 2021, but she signed with Sony Music in October 2022. Therefore, it is likely that it will not be possible for him to include it on his debut album. However, he could sing it live.

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